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Bat removal from attic and church in Michigan
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Do It Yourself Bat Removal in Michigan

Sometimes a homeowner will try to conduct bat removal on their own.  It is very dangerous sitting on the roof at night waiting for the bats to leave and then randomly plugging holes hoping to get rid of the bats in Michigan.   Not every bat within the colony will leave every night.  If you had a few bats in the house and attempt to do your own bat proofing / sealing incorrectly, you may end with several more bats in your home.  Generally the homeowner will trap a bat colony within the structure, this will also lead to bats back to finding a way into your living space of the house.

Everyone within the structure, including children may be exposed to a bat that may have rabies.  Never allow a bat infestation to continue, it will only get worse and the bat colony will damage the structure from heavy accumulations of bat poop and urine. It is always wise to hire a professional that is certified in professional bat exclusions, that is dedicated to conduct professional bat removal, such as Bat Pro Animal Control.

Moth Balls for Pest Bat Control in Michigan

Moth balls for home pest control are actually more dangerous for the homeowner then it is for the bat problem that you might encounter in the basement or attic.  Moth balls are a gas in a solid state that evaporates to give off a toxic vapor.  Between the bat urine and bat droppings when the bat colony is living within a attic or a confined space the bat smells are terrible and the moth balls make the smells worse.  So why would the moth balls do any good other then causing additional health problems for your family?  The chemicals contained in moth balls are known to cause cancer in the State of California.  The box itself says not to use for bats and rodents. There are no EPA registered chemicals or poisons to kill bats or remove bats in Greenville, Michigan.

Electronic Pest Control, Bat Repellant Michigan

Electronic pest control for bats and ultrasonic bat removal does not work and we can prove it!  Typically a person can become frustrated from trying everything under the sun to get rid of bats in Michign.  On numerous occasions BatPro Animal Control LLC has responded to a bat problem were a customer has spent several hundred dollars trying to eradicate bats with mythical ultrasonic toys and other types of bat exterminator repellants through out Michigan, without any real results!
Jason has done bat work for me and he does excellent work and is very reasonable! I recommend him to anyone and I no longer have bats!

The Vanos family

Grand Rapids, MI
Pic above shows were a homeowner attempted to perform bat sealing with dreaded foam; as you can see cheap and very ineffective materials are being used.  The bats were trapped into the house and the family experienced several bats flying through out the house at night.  As a consequence, the whole family encountered positive exposure to bat rabies in Central Michigan and several rounds of rabies shots were in order, including for a three year old child.

A frustrated homeowner is holding up the electronic pest repellant. This prime example proves that ultrasonic pest control do not work.
BatPro Animal Control was dispatched to the scene to inspect and exterminate the bat infestation in the attic.
Stanton, Michigan pest control.
how to remove bats with foam in MI
MI Bats making noises in attic
This is one of many examples of what can happen if you allow a bat pest infestation in your house to continue often potentially exposing your family to diseases.

Take note of the urine crystallizations the bats left behind and the grease stains above the white area is where the bats are roosting.
Ultrasonic home pest control in MI
FTC Warning: about consumers using ultrasonic home pest control.
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